Siren/iRiver DP150

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Siren, subsidiary of iRiver, has just announced about new walkman, the DP150. Available in 1GB or 2GB, it is equipped with a small monochromic screen (128×32) and with a compatibility MP3/WMA/WAV. Its dimensions are of 62,4×26,8×15,3mm for 24g and its price starting from 50 euros, available several colors.

More info: iRiver 

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Sharp SP600

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 Sharp SP600

Sharp announced about PMP named SP600. The PMP works under Windows EC 5.0 and it is equipped with a DD of 30GB, of a touch screen TFT LCD 16:9 of 4,3″(480x272px), of an electronic dictionary Korean-English-Japanese, an external loudspeaker, a slot SD/MMC, a microphone and a compatibility MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, AAC, AVI, ASF, WMV, MPG, JPG, BMP, GIF, tiff, png. USB 2.0, its dimensions are of 148,6 X 79 X 25 mm for 325g. Price: about 300 Euros.

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Watch Bluetooth

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Watch Phone

Watch Bluetooth Combo is a watch multifunction which comes us straight of the universe from Barbie. The small the silver framework and buttons which shine are them also better effect. The “beautiful one” wants to be able to provide the functions of a cellular telephone GSM tribande and those of a walkman. It supports a touch screen LCD 260K colors of 1.3″, Bluetooth, can store up to 250 contacts, SMS/MMS. It offers a compatibility MP3, MP4 and MIDDAY. Its dimensions are of 61x40x16mm for a weight of 70 grams. Count 154$, and at this price you will have even right to a stylet with the colors of your new watch.

[via Generationmp3]

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iRiver Volcano

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Volcano  Perfect for me…

Small and simple to use. 1.0″ OLED display, recording, FM radio, one touch USB system, intuitive User interface. Sexy design and color variaty. iRiver says: “If you are considering about enjoying your music with a resonably priced device, iRiver Volcano is the one”. iRiver didn’t say about price.

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Cowon’s iAudio U5

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Cowon’s iAudio U5

Specific PMP (portable media player) for US market. 160×128 resolution LCD display, battery life- up to full day, 4GB/8GB, MP3 / WMA / WAV playback, voice recorder and FM radio, user adjustable five-band EQ, USB connection. I think this is good cost/quality ratio. 4GB version costs $109.99 and 8GB version $149.99.


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SanDisk Sansa 4GB

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Sansa 4gb

SanDisk has increased Sansa Clip MP3 player up to 4Gb and price has stay a 79$ pricetag. SanDisk hasn’t announced about release date.


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