Siren/iRiver DP150

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Siren, subsidiary of iRiver, has just announced about new walkman, the DP150. Available in 1GB or 2GB, it is equipped with a small monochromic screen (128×32) and with a compatibility MP3/WMA/WAV. Its dimensions are of 62,4×26,8×15,3mm for 24g and its price starting from 50 euros, available several colors.

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iRiver Volcano

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Volcano  Perfect for me…

Small and simple to use. 1.0″ OLED display, recording, FM radio, one touch USB system, intuitive User interface. Sexy design and color variaty. iRiver says: “If you are considering about enjoying your music with a resonably priced device, iRiver Volcano is the one”. iRiver didn’t say about price.

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iRiver e100

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iRiver e100

I confess this product is mainly industrious. Here an added walkman which is found out e100! This volume is exhibited to as well a control TFT LCD of 2,4″, a capacity of 4GB, a directional paving stone (sensitive), of a slot microSD, line-in, FM tuner, two external loudspeakers also given that a compatibility audio/photo/video. Available abundant colors, to road.

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