Camouflages for iPods, it’s nice…

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 Camouflages for iPods, it’s nice…

You have shame to have a iPod? It is simple, buy an old K7 Walkman of Sony, empties it and you will have a beautiful case for your iPod or any other walkman MP3!

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iLive iT188B dock for iPod

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iLive iT188B dock for iPod

iLive iT188B dock for iPod. The last release of iLive will be able easily to find its place below the beautiful flat-faced screen. The iT188B is a soundstation with a dock iPod, two enclosures, a tuner AM/FM, an alarm clock, an entry WITH, two video entries, an exit for subwoofer and the whole is controllable by remote control. Price about 99$ and it will be released in April.

In my opinion iLive iT188B dock is very beatiful and good accessorie for your house. And price is quite good. And alarm… It’s amazing.

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Are you real iPod lover? All for iPod.

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ipod bikini

There are many good links for you and your iPod. Enjoy! – More information abou iPod or iTouch or iSomething. –  You can hack or update your iPod. Be careful !!! –  Know iPod history. –  iPod’s accessories. – buy iPod now! – If You live in Europe, buy iPod easier… – Auf Deutsh!

More links:

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Pink iPod Nano

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iPod Nano Pink

Apple introduced that Pink iPod Nano will be good gift for your girl at Valentine day. iPod Nano Pink is just the same how another Nano players. Price: $199. You will get 8GB iPod Nano Pink.

More: Apple 

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iPod Touch- Virtual Guitar

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 Virtual Guitar

One new update of iPod Touch and iPhone- virtual guitar. With this tool you can play, how with guitar. PocketGuitar is a Google Code project by a guy called Shinya Kasatani that allows you to play not just boring. Today iPod and iPhone makes large progres in functions world. You can get the PocketGuitar for free under the “Toys” category in the Community Sources. Make sure you have the latest “Community Sources” package. Some people reported having problems installing the app.

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One more iPod touch clone- Tomato Video Touch

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This time clone was maked in Korea.  The Video Touch by Tomato has 2.5-inch display with 260k colors and good resolution QVGA. It’s very cheap: $63 for the 2GB and $84 for 4GB. It has FM radio and supports MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC, MPEG-4 and AVI.

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Some news docks

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Luna X2

Luna de XtremeMac was so much indeed accomodated that the company decided to give him a baptized update Luna X2. It always acts of a soundstation/radio alarm clock with a dock iPod. X2 has an entry WITH, of a radio AM/FM. Similar characteristics in original Luna in a frame brought up to date to stick to the design new iPod to some extent. Count 120$…

More click:

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Firmware 1.1.3 problems for iPod Touch and iPhone

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Much iUsers have announced that theirs iPods and iPhones bricked, then they install new firmware 1.1.3.

  1. Cannot install iTunes 7.6. Error message
  2. Sound missing from iPhone speakers
  3. Bluetooth accessories no longer compatible
  4. Mail fails to download

You can fix some errors. For more information click here.

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iPod touch upgrade for 19,99$

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ipod touch upgrade

For 19.99$ you can get:

1. GPS via Google Maps with WiFi help.

2. Email support for POP3 or IMAP. It supports html and images.

3. And latest is Notes. You can write what you want: storys, plans, scenarios or etc.

So it’s pretty cool upgrade.  Just 19.99$.


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iPod skins

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You want make your iPod different? Nice. You can buy skins. Skin- small ticket adapted to iPod size by generation. You can pay with: credit card, paypal, egold and … For more information visit that link:

At the top of the page you can select language.

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