Use Wikipedia on your iPhone

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Anoteher one great new for iPhone owners. This is a program which require 2GB free disk space (iPhone has 16GB).

Download program you can from

[via PMP Today]

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How to unlock iPhone?

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How to unlock iPhone?

“Geohot still struck, whereas the users of iPhones with firmware 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 started to lose any hope to see their desimlocke apparatus, the hackers has just announced the possibility of curing this problem in manner software and that very simply… Here small an English tutorial of handling to be realized”- citation from GenerationMp3.

This is a great news for all iPhone owners. Now you can unlock iPhone yourself. You will make some steps. But I think if you unlock iPhone, you will kill business for Apple and burn money. So you can choose. I added this link and I undertake no duties.

All article you can read in this page: How to unlock iPhone? 

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Microsoft Zune Software V2.3 Released

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Zune update

Microsoft released a Zune Software V2.3 . In this update a new French and Spanish directories was founded. But are some problems with Sync between PC and your Zune. Anyway I like that Microsoft is trying to adapt in big MP3/PMP market.

More about firmware:  Zune online 

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iPod Touch- Virtual Guitar

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 Virtual Guitar

One new update of iPod Touch and iPhone- virtual guitar. With this tool you can play, how with guitar. PocketGuitar is a Google Code project by a guy called Shinya Kasatani that allows you to play not just boring. Today iPod and iPhone makes large progres in functions world. You can get the PocketGuitar for free under the “Toys” category in the Community Sources. Make sure you have the latest “Community Sources” package. Some people reported having problems installing the app.

[via PMP Today]

iPod touch upgrade for 19,99$

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ipod touch upgrade

For 19.99$ you can get:

1. GPS via Google Maps with WiFi help.

2. Email support for POP3 or IMAP. It supports html and images.

3. And latest is Notes. You can write what you want: storys, plans, scenarios or etc.

So it’s pretty cool upgrade.  Just 19.99$.


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