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So, today I decided to write article about Music Players which have maded in China. First point is price. China PMPs are very cheap and box set are fully filled. But why? The workers aren’t valuable how in Europe countries or JAV, resources of plastic and metal are inexhaustible (metal quality is worse). But when I take my Creative on other side I founded small text: Made in China. Wtf? But this is very bad. No, Creative and another famous companys have builded many factories because in China they can get cheap work-power, the price of land and cost per building is quite small. But all technologies and quality stays in good point. And don’t worry about it.

But today theme is about MP maded in China. So, they are very cheap but bad quality. But anyway you can buy China MP3 if you want. I heard some storys that peoples have used China-Mp3 for 1-3 years and they still work. I don’t know how much true facts were in storys but I belive. Ok, let’s go. But my opinion is bad about MP3 maded in China. I had one and it was bad quality. Display was invisible within 1 week, joystick and buttons: you must to press it so strong how much power you have. And here is my end of this post. You can decide that, but I don’t recommend it. Enjoy with music power 😉

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